Vending a fiber festivals is more challenging than it seems. It is scary to put your art out into the public and hope people value what you like to make The hardest part of the venture is guessing what customers of particular fair are looking for and deciding if you want to invest your time making what sells.


Fort Pierre Dakota Western Heritage Frontier Days September 13 -15 in Fort Pierre, SD

  • This was a fun show, because it centered around heritage skills. My booth was by a boot maker and a rope maker
  • Spinning and felting demonstrations
  • A number of kids were able to try out the spinning wheel and made mini-skeins of yarn
  • Comparative fleece display
  • Project bags, dyed fleece, homespun yarns

Hill City Quilt Show, September 7 -8 in Hill City SD

  • This quilt show is innovative as it wanted to include other fiber arts with the Quilt show
  • Small art quilts
  • Homespun yarn
  • Knitted items
  • Spinning and needle felting demonstrations
  • Sheep felted kits

Western Wildlife Art Show, July 1 – 4 at Fort Robinson State Park, NE

This was a fun art show to prepare for. I was able to go into my stash and find all of these wildlife prints for these art quilts. All of these quilts have a sleeve for hanging on the reverse. The quilt names are as follows with their dimensions in inches.

Row 1: Totem Pole (36×21) and Cold Winter’s Night (27×28)

Row 2: Fish Pond (22×25 – below), Evening Landing (18×23 – top) and Fall Hunt (18.5×20 – bottom)

Row 3: , Duck Pond (20×19.5 – top), Horses and Flyfishing (21×26 -bottom) and Wild Horses (27×28 – SOLD!),

Last Image is Menagerie (60×66.5)

If you are interested in any of these quilts, visit my online shop.

If you are interested in adding one of these quilts to your collection contact me for more information.


Pine Bough Bazaar, November, Chadron, NE

  • This is a fun show with food, crafters and local businesses.
  • Project bags
  • Crocheted animals
  • Knitted items
  • Felted animals
  • T-shirt pillows
  • Grocery bags made from feed bags
  • Homemade jellies

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