Longarm Quilting

I am a professional longarm quilter who loves a challenge.

A longarm quilting machine allows me to load a quilt back on one set of rollers and the pieced quilt top on another set of rollers with batting in between. I then use the sewing head to stich the 3 layers (back, batting and top) together with thread. I consider quilting an artform, so I stitch your quilt freehand without the aid of a computer.

My services range from simple edge to edge quilting to modern quilting with rulers. Rates depend on the size of the quilt, the density of the quilting and whether I use rulers.

Dragonfly quilt with echo quilting and pebbles in the background
Custom stitching on an appliqued dragonfly quilt by Judy B.

Custom Quilting Rates

Edge to edge quilting is stitched from one side of the quilt to the other with no regard to the pattern of the pieced block or border design

  • Stipple = $0.015 per square inch
  • Other edge to edge designs = $0.025 per square inch

Custom quilting is stitched to complement the quilt block pattern. Possible quilting could include but is not limited to feathers, flowers, and echo quilting.

  • Low density = $0.035 per square inch
  • High density = $0.050 per square inch
  • High density with rulers = $0.065

Ruler work is when I abut a ruler to needle of my long arm and make straight lines, perfect circles, and arcs that could be fish scales or roof tiles.

Here are some close up images of my quilting.

Outline quilting on a wild horses quilt
Great example of outlining using 10 stitches./inch.

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