Lara Madison

of Madison Quilting and Yarns, LLC

            Twelve years ago, I was on a completely different career track.  With a Harvard PhD in microbiology and ten years as a scientist in start-ups, my path seemed set.   I did not have any plans to deviate from my successful career.  Then life happened.  My new husband, spun a tail of life on the land back in his native Nebraska. 

            Even while I was working sixty hours a week in industry, I found the time to quilt.   I did not know a soul when we arrived in Nebraska; so I took the opportunity to teach myself to knit.  Knitting led to spinning, spinning led to weaving….  Now I am totally engrossed in the fiber arts. 

            Northwest Nebraska is a hidden gem in more than one way.  Beyond the beauty of the Pine Ridge, there is a rich tradition in the fiber arts I had no idea existed.  

I am blessed to have moved my business from our basement into brick and mortar store on 2nd Street in Chadron, NE. Now the challenge is how to combine my love of quilting and creating fiber arts with teaching classes and retail.

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