I love to participate in competitions and challenges. These are often offered by companies or magazines. Here you will find quilting, knitting and spinning challenges.

  • 2020 Quilting Arts: Flutterby
  • 2019 Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em
  • 2018 Quilting Arts Magazine: Heart of Home Reader Challenge
  • 2018 Ravelery: Mystery Knit Along
  • 2017 Moda: Bella Solid Challenge

2020 Quilting Arts: Flutterby

A quilting challenge to celebrate pollinators. My 10 x 10 inch quilt is a grid of small rectangles of green and blue with appliqued flowers, pollinators and a bunny. The art quilt was embellished with hand stitching and beads. Unfortunately, I missed the deadline as I needed to finish a double knitted hat as an example for my double knitting class. Here is my project in progress. I am thinking this may make a nice art quilt series for a future show.

Art quilt celebrating pollinators.

2019 Shave ‘Em 2 Save ‘Em

This challenge was developed by The Livestock Conservancy to match fiber artists and Shepherds in order increase the sale of fleeces, roving and yarns in order to save rare and endangered heritage breeds of sheep. This is a challenge in progress.

2018 Quilting Arts Magazine: Heart of Home Reader Challenge

This was fun challenge. Make a small art quilt with a house and a heart in it. All of the quilts from this challenge were donated to first home owners who were in need. Including this home over looking Paris streets, 359 quilts were donated from around the United States.

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2018 Ravelery: Mystery Knit Along

Weekly installment of a gumshoe murder mystery for 6 weeks. This was great fun. The first week we are introduced to the characters so we select our yarns. Next steps were knitting the four sections with dropped stitches, basket weave, illusion knitting, and modified lace We finish with an epilogue and identification of the murderer and a beautiful shawl. The turquoise and white yarns are an alpaca cotton blend. The purple is a wool linen blend and the black yarn is wool with hints of turquoise. if you are interested in this scarf, check out my online shop.

2017 Moda: Bella Solid Challenge

A modern quilt 76 by 96 inches made from Moda’s Bella Solids (6 colors fabrics and 6 grey scale fabrics).

This quilt is a modern interpretation of a picture of a rose I took on my honeymoon in England. The picture enlarged to an 8 x 12 piece of paper. This image was traced to a piece of paper, then divided into 13 columns. The picture was then colored in to represent the 12 Moda solid fabrics. This design process was inspired by Katie Masoput.

This pattern was transferred to 13 pieces of freezer paper and the quilt was paper pieced. The process of making the pattern included enlarging the pattern to 92 x 73 inches. The most disappointing part of this process was that the pattern was destroyed in the process of making the quilt.

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